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  • Wedding & Engagements

All Wedding bookings will now be done through Kirchhof Photography.  Follow the link here to to lock your date in now, or click the Chat Bot in the bottom right corner.  Limited dates left for 2023.  Now booking for 2024+.

  • Concert Coverage

Concert coverage for Sound Bites Media can be viewed here (and with full review at Sound Bites Media).   Concerts that are shot personally will have full galleries and reviews (soon) in the CONCERT COVERAGE section.

  • Personal Photo-Shoots

These shoots can range from Fitness Models to Work Related to Head Shots to Family/Holiday Shoots and so on.  Corporate Events, Birthday Milestones... Whatever it is, just inquire & simply ask!

  • Any inquiries or questions, click the Chat Bot in the bottom right corner or send an email to

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